5 lovely links (you’ll love)

19 Jul

today’s issue of 5 lovely links will be divided by 5 lovely subjects:

food: reading her book now, has a restaurant in seattle, met her husband via writing her blog, writes for several magazines and she’s a little over 30 years old.  great book by the way.  say hello to orangette

interior design:  check out ‘the berry.com’ and dream bedrooms here

education:  i learn better with pictures and good.is does infographics the best.  Check these out.

music: pick your artist, it plays what you like.  Kind of like pandora but not.  jam on it. 

random: ah, this is so cool.  click here and scroll down to see some old photographs in today’s places.    

i hope you enjoy these as much as i do.

until tomorrow…

love amy

2 Responses to “5 lovely links (you’ll love)”

  1. Susan July 19, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    Well.. those are some crazy fun links! Especially liked the bedrooms. Thanks!

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