3 Cool Things.

6 Feb

Here are three things you need to know about on this blustery Wednesday…


GOLDBELLY – it ain’t cheap, but for those of you craving pizza from “back home” or ribs from Kansas City – this is your place. What a great gift for someone! This site has bagels from New York, Chicago hot dogs and so much more.


So this is the only retail place where I don’t mind if the person checking you out comments on everything you’re buying. I love the folks that work at Trader Joes. They are so damn happy. And knowledgeable. If I’m buying some seasoning or sauce, the checker will say “I love this on eggs, what do you put it on?”

Do you want to be a TJ’s fan but go there and are just swept away by the choices and the crowds? Curious by all the buzz out there? Here are my tips on what to buy and when to buy it. Believe me, it’s worth going – you’ll be addicted like me.


Don’t go on a Saturday morning unless it is first thing when they open. The best time to go to TJ’s is when you can sneak it in during an “off” time. Have a doctors appointment at 3 pm? Do a quick TJ’s run afterward.


Follow some key IG accounts to get the scoop on the latest and greatest products. TJ’s is ALWAYS evolving and bringing new products on and taking them away (drats!) Here is who to follow on IG:

  • traderjoeslist
  • traderjoesinsider
  • traderjoesobsessed

Check out their funny newsletter – the Fearless Flyer each month where they highlight new items and specialty items.


ROF has had to put me on a frozen food moratorium more than one time. One time he said to me “ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH THE GUY WHO STOCKS THE FROZEN FOOD SECTION AT TRADER JOES ????” He’s kidding, of course. I mean, you would probably get some good insiders tips though.

It’s no joke that the frozen food section is off the hook. (do people say that anymore?) and you can google lots of opinions but I’m going to give you the only one that counts – mine. Here is what to load up on there:

  1. Almond Croissants – frozen. These have been a staple at our house for guests or if I just want the house to smell good in the morning. It’s a frozen dough that you let rise on an oiled cookie sheet the night before on your counter. Pop them in your oven in the morning and POOF – breakfast. They also have plain, chocolate and a new ham and cheese version.
  2. Mandarin Orange Chicken – frozen – a TJ employee favorite and mine too. ROF even likes it even though he first turned his nose up at anything frozen. Just grab a couple bags. Perfect for a quick dinner with side of broccoli and rice.
  3. Organic brown rice – frozen-we always have these on hand along with the jasmine rice. It’s cooked to perfection then frozen. Three minutes in the microwave brings this yummy rice with a bite back to life. It’s a no-brainer.

4. Steel Cut Oatmeal – Frozen – At only 150 calories each, pop these in the microwave for 2 minutes, stir and then another minute and you have yummy goodness for breakie. I always toss in some fresh blueberries and a couple of pistachios

5. Shrimp and Walnut – Frozen This is so good with the lemony sauce that comes with it. Throw it together with jasmine or brown rice


Just put this stuff in your basket:

1. Everything but the bagel spice

2. Umami spice

3. Multi-grain bread (so yummy!)

4. Unexpected Cheddar cheese

5. Sesame rice crackers (get a bunch!)

6. Shelled pistachios

7. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups


Pick 4 words that are favorites or describing words. Man, this is cool! What words would you pick for me?  Here is what I would put:

Woody Allen.

Sav Blanc.



What do you think?

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