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beautiful pieces are a stones throw away

3 Oct

i’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with lauren renfrow,co- owner with ann strawn of times two design recently.  i’m always so intrigued by people that have a major career change and especially if that change has to do with following their passion.  i’d like someday for someone to say about me “she used to be a vp of social media at a national ad agency and now she raises goats and makes the world famous “amy’s cheese”!  i would love that.  who knows, right? 

lauren used to be in environmental consulting with a focus on hazardous waste.  pretty cool, eh?  and now she is the co-owner of  times two design which we’ll talk about in a minute, and owner of  l floral design.  even cooler!  obviously, no longer in environmental consulting, lauren now has two businesses focused on making absolutely beautiful things out of nature’s best items.

lauren and ann met last holiday season while both were working on a decorating and designing a house tour and found that both shared a mutual aesthetic. lauren had an idea for a lamp made from quartz crystal points and when she finally made it, she and ann joined forces and started to design, create and market together.

above photo, courtesy of polish & patina blog

so i asked lauren what inspires her (because i love to ask questions like that.)  hardly nothing in life is better than passion (notice i said hardly)  she answered:

“we both share a love of natural elements and hope to further showcase them through our embellishments and display. other things that inspire us, the color orange, great wine, flowers, and a love of the earth’s beauty!”

does lauren have a particular piece that is a favorite?

“my favorite piece would be the quartz crystal lamp on an acrylic base, it launched our line and it challenges me to continue to innovate in our designs. it’s a chameleon of sorts, the lamp looks fabulous in a contemporary home but can also give a more transitional home a real smart lift! another real star of the line is our lacquered boxes adorned with geodes, they look chic on a coffee table and make a perfect gift.”

so where can you get all these fabulous pieces and more?

mecox gardens in dallas, texas

rutherford’s in dallas, texas

the website timestwodesign.com will be up and ready in mid-october

and lastly, lauren will be doing a table at kappa tablescapes on october 15 at dallas country club that will showcase both her floral designs and products.

thanks, lauren!

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