making billy lunch

13 Jul

he doesn’t really go by billy, i thought it looked good up there in the subject line.

my husband and i are in what is called a DINK category.  dual-income-no-kids.  really?  can’t it be something a little hipper, like … the RELATE category?  really-enjoying-life-and-the-energy.  that was lame.  anyhoo…

our nephew has been staying with us for several weeks and we’ve had so much fun.  he’s 20, in college and doing an internship here in big d.  what a hard working, fun and outgoing guy.  but other than having him around, i love making him lunch!  is that something that moms get to do every day?  it’s a responsibility i have found i like.  he leaves for work at 7am and returns around 7pm and always comments on my sammie.  honestly,  it’s better than “nice hair” or “cool dinner”.  he’s like “i loved that bread you used today” or “did you mix salad dressing up with the lettuce – cool!”   for the first time yesterday, ROF sheepishly asked “will you make me some lunch today?”  ha!  sure, I’ll make anyone a sammie.  i guess i’m pretty good at it. 

check out this SWANK cutting board I got for a wedding gift.
More tomorrow-

Anyone have any other acronyms for married-happy-no-kids that works?


5 lovely links (you’ll love)

12 Jul

i’ve replaced a weak TV viewing habit with an on-line, purely digital habit.  in case you’re wondering, i still watch taped Barefoot Contessa shows a lot.  that obsession is another blog post.   i think you’ll be interested in some of the things i’ve found on-line.

1. check out lonny magazine’s latest issue.  287 on-line pages (free!) of great, hip design and fun commentary.

2. 1 kind design has this incredible rustic barn i can not get out of my mind and other houses.  Great site!

3. there are some  local websites that give you cool places to go, drinks to drink, scenes to be seen.  here are a few of them (they all count as one – bonus!)


Daily Candy

Living Social

4. Extra Virgin:  tv cooking show and website with actress debi mazar and husband

5. last but not least, check out this site for some very unusual but interesting artwork!

hope you enjoy these!  until tomorrow, my friends


the right mix

11 Jul

music should transport you to a different, higher level than where you are.  it’s a vibe that shouldn’t just be pleasant to your ears, but elevate your mood, enhance your surroundings, lift your spirits.  like when you walk into a funky restaurant and although the place is cool, it’s the back-beats that make you feel a part of the place, not just a diner.  you can have the same effect at home.  there is nothing i like more than spending an hour or two on a saturday morning pulling together a good ole fashioned mix tape or playlist as they’re now called.  and no, i’m not a music snob where every song must be one you’ve never heard of before.  pull this one on while you’re buzzing around the house and see where it will transport you.   Click here:

mom, otherwise know as, joan

9 Jul

appreciating mom for her ability to listen so well, care so deeply and laugh much.  nothing better than an evening of joan, cards, steaks on the grill, chardonnay in the glass and moby on the sound system.

san antonio – july 2011

9 Jul

having fun in san antonio. a much needed trip.

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you are truly magnificent

9 Jul

how do i love thee, ROF?  too numerous to count thy ways.  you love me, take care of me and that (first and foremost) is cool.  after that it’s a mash of a million things –  some of which i will try to capture here.   the great friend you are to your great friends, filling my car up with gas and backing it into the driveway, fixing weekend cocktails with such flourish, your excellent grilling and cooking staples of flank steak, buttery noodles with onion, tin-foil wrapped talapia, your packing abilities, sense of humor, love of your family and of mine, strive to know God and love what he loves, mentoring your nephews, white-man overbite dancing habits, how you are cocky when you’re winning at gin and sulky when you are losing (probably due to the fact that you’re the youngest…), the countless lists that I tease you about but secretly envy, the goals you have laminated and posted in our bathroom as a daily reminder and your jokes… too numerous to count-

our house

9 Jul

typically i get pretty bored pretty fast with my immediate surroundings.  constantly updating and changing furniture, artwork and “things” is my thing.  not so much with our current house.  i really like it a lot and miss it when i’m gone.  here are some pics:

Road Trips

8 Jul

the smell of the open road, feet on the dash, vintage rock on the speakers.  i love road trips.  never much considered myself someone who loved to drive but with all the travel I do for work, hitting the road has become a new passion.  i can snap pics while lovely ROF drives.  we laugh, listen to whacky podcasts, do a mental walk-through of houses we like, share inside jokes, drink mega sippy cups of diet coke.  we’ve driven from the big D out to Houston, to Scottsdale, to Colorado and now to San Antonio for a weekend retreat.  lovely ROF should write a blog on preparing for road trips.  some say he is kind of an expert. (“it ain’t braggin’ if you’re doin’ it” ) expert cooler/snack & drink (the adult kind) packer and trip organizer.  even with the advance of GPS technologies, he still writes AAA and gets the trip map packs that detail out our journey.  i snicker but when I ask WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? in the car, he just whips that map out and points.  he also adds a little “see…I know what I’m doing” smile.  i deserve that.  can’t wait for the weekend get away.

seriously good movie…

7 Jul

damn.  excellent.  movie.  ROF and I are working our way through the AFI top 100 movies of all time.  We’re only on like #67 (it takes us a while to watch the boring charlie chaplin movies)  have found lots of movies i can’t believe i’ve never seen.  like this one.  run, don’t walk to go rent it.

More Views…

4 Jul

Ah, I feel so close to God when I fly - like I'm given a glimpse of heaven or just a piece of earth we just don't have anything to do with - it's all God! Amen.

Freedom. We so take it for granted. This view is so wonderful.


4 Jul

This was the view from my office in Chicago. Need I say more? I never took this view for granted!


I appreciate my husband so much.


Love this view.


saturday morning flashback

4 Jun


nothing beats streaming 93xrt radio station from chicago on saturday mornings.  the whole day is ahead of you and I’m back in grade school where Saturday mornings were the time to sleep in as late as possible.  eventually woken by mom and dad cheerfully coming home from their early morning walk and going about lining up chores for the day.  The covers would slide over my head as we all  would pretend not to hear the casual, off-key whistling below, pans hitting the stove for 2 eggs, basted, hash browns, bacon (normal saturday am fare).  now ROF and i guess as to the year being highlighted each weekend morning.

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” albert camus

22 May

although your circumstances are depressing or challenging, you know you’re going to get through it.  not just get through it, but it’s a quiet confidence inside that can see the end in site – or the knowledge that the end is coming.

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