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14 Dec

a tradition I love around the holidays is choosing the photo for my family Christmas card. 

when michael was but 3 months old, i propped him up on the stairs and took his picture and the tradition was born. back before digital photos i would use film, spif up the kids in Christmas clothes, snap away, run to the store to have the photos developed and do it over again until I had a picture i liked!  i have sometimes chosen a picture taken from a special occasion during the past year.  my kids cooperate, smile, pose.  they know it is important to me.  our family and friends tell us they look forward to our picture each year.  i have always thought a picture is worth a thousand words and i never felt comfortable with a Christmas letter.  i appreciate the opportunity to share a photo with people I care about each year for Christmas!

Michael at 3 months old, our first photo christmas card picture.

Blooper from christmas picture photo shoot, our all time favorite, poor Billy had a belly ache.

This is the photo we eventually used, belly felt better, thanks goodness!

Another blooper, pretty cute though.  Shoulda used it for the card.

christmas 2011 card

note from ‘the appreciator’ to susan:  one year, when i was about 24 years old, my mom and  i were poking fun of some of the christmas letters we received.  similar to a blog, these letters highlighted how simply wonderful their lives were.  so that year,  i decided to make one up.  and my dad and mom thought it was so funny, i believe we sent it out.  it was way over the top.  i remember talking about my budding friendship with oprah and our daily jogs along lake michigan.  as you can imagine, this sent everyone a buzz ‘was it true?’ ‘was it not?’  i was glad i had a mom and dad with senses of humors to not take things so seriously!

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  1. Susan December 14, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    Great story, that is why when you met Oprah again a few years ago, she remembered you! xo


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