3 ways to become instantly confident

3 Apr

ever need a shot of confidence?

maybe you’re getting ready for a big presentation, interviewing for a new job or just down and out and need a little boost?  here are 3 ways to be instantly confident:


1. fake it until you make it

the first thing is to stand tall.  straighten out your back, extend your neck + round out your shoulders.  do it now.  don’t you feel more confident?  take up more room in the room – it’s what animals do when they want to show who is in control.  doing this also refocuses your brain and says “i’m ready, let’s go”.

it is not a surprise that when i was looking for supporting articles like this one, that it is from a website called “ask men”.  with no scientific evidence supporting this next statement, i’ll say that men display this more than women.  watch them walk into a room full of people.  eyes focused, shoulders back – it’s someone that gives off the impression they know what they are talking about.  so it’s a good first step – good first impression.


2. prayer

if you’re a Christian, then pray.  i’ve been in a corporate environment for 22 years and have given hundreds and hundreds of presentations.  before every single one (haven’t missed ONE) i’ve prayed.  my dad used to do this too.  he wasn’t a particularly religious man growing up but he knew something that i know too.  it’s not all about us.  <sigh>  i’m given everything i have from God.  so it only makes sense for me to ask Him for the words, the clarity, the passion to come out when i give presentations, have to have a hard talk or do something that i don’t want to do.  it’s not like it is a secret weapon…wait…maybe it is!  all i know is that when i pray for confidence, it is given to me and i trust that i can handle whatever is about to come my way.  here is a good prayer to read.

3. remember who you are.

this is a favorite one of mine.  my mom used to tell me this all the time growing up and i used to think it was stupid <sorry mom.>  i guess my grandpa used to say it to her too.  i never knew what it meant when i was in high school because NEWSFLASH i didn’t know who i was.  but just by her saying this to me, it was top of mind.

when i got into college and into my 20’s – i started to know who i was a little better.  i am passionate about certain things, genuinely love people,  want to make a difference, have a point of view on things and want to be heard.  this is who i am.  now, that i’m 44 years old, when i want instant confidence – i remember who i am.  and i’m glad for who i am thanks to my mom, dad, husband, sister, friends and God.  and that gives me instant confidence.

why don’t you remember who you are?  who are you?  write those things down and i’m sure they will give you a boost too.


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