liking: clean white design

3 Feb

some may say white is boring…

i say pshaw.

i would describe my style as eclectic, modern vintage with a twist of odd. or raised eyebrow. if a piece of art makes me go “hmmmmm” that typically means i’m warm towards it. but off the subject we go.

today i want to talk white. i love waking up surrounded with white sheets, white duvet and white pillow cases. if it were up to me white would be the blank canvas in which to view everything. pops of color that can be changed out every now and again are good too.

this first picture actually speaks to all above interests:


yes, the photo is a bit haunting but interesting nonetheless. if i were to design my own room, this is what i would choose. click on any photo to make bigger:

check this out at - it's for kids!

here are some more white rooms i’m digging right now. all can be found here on my pinterest board.

of course i like more than just white.

click here for my post on orange! or even green.

One Response to “liking: clean white design”

  1. Katie Krause (@krausekatie2003) February 3, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    I loved all of it! I have always wanted to have an all white house too! But I would have to have another house at the same time that is dark woods, dark reds, greens..etc. Maybe you can have one and I can have the other and we can just visit each other!

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