christmas from the east coast!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone!!  here i am in beautiful new jersey!  once again, susan is going to tell us all about her family’s traditions and this year, i’m so blessed that ROF and i are a part of it!

another tradition i love

around the holidays is spending christmas day at ellen and bill’s house.  my husband comes from a large and wonderful family, he is one of 10 children, and ellen is mike’s younger sister.  she has a beautiful home that I have said many times is the perfect place to spend christmas.  ellen and bill’s home is spectacularly decorated and there is plenty of wonderful and delicious food and drink.  there are many lovely places to sit and visit with family and friends.  people talk and laugh, catch up or nap,  and watch the children or the tvs.  People gather around fires in the fireplaces, out back near the fire pit and of course in the kitchen.  ellen and bill are perfect christmas hosts.

more important then all of these things though, is the feeling of christmas.  it is warm and welcome and calm and secure. i am grateful to be part of this wonderful family and to have spent so many perfect christmas days at ellen and bills house.

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