5 lovely links (you’ll love!)

4 Oct

so you thought i’d forgotten a post, huh?   not me! 

tomorrow, my team and i are putting 35 bloggers in 35 chevy dealer diamond white chevy traverses’!  and…at the texas state fair, no less.  who knew this idea which was created around a table at a cafe by the galleria (the name which escapes me) over 6 months ago would come to fruition?

only chevy dealers as bold and cool as the north texas chevy dealer (and next week, the houston chevy dealers) would do something like this.  i love that they are reaching out to connect with women in the local market.  this should be fun…

in honor of all the blogger power we will have going on tomorrow, I’m linking you to 5 of my favorite blogs to read.  have fun!

BLOG = web log.  web log of fun, that is.

link #1

for some amazing food recipes click here

link #2

just read their description of blog #2.  click here to go there…

link #3

hands down one of the funniest, oddest websites out there.  tell me you didn’t giggle.  click here

link #4

love this blog.  that’s it.  that’s all i can say. because it’s great (and i’m tired)

and last one…

link #5

forget everything else.  the photography in this blog is to DIE FOR.  i wouldn’t really die for photography but you get the point.  it’s good.  real good.

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