saturday: week in review

3 Sep

thankful to have had a fantastic week. 

no traveling this week but lots of work.  it started out last sunday with a breakfast fit for a king for ROF (my king) and moved on to monday and lunch with good friends and fantastic business associates (@jeaniehornung and the marvelous alex harland) @ rise no.1.  the sweetest slice of paris in dallas.  (notice a theme here)

i captured some spooky, cool images from my bed (that didn’t sound too good) where the trees outside my window were casting shadows.

here i captured suzannes great new haircut, my #1 place to shop in all of dallas – gypsy wagon and a rant i put on american airlines facebook page on behalf of my mom.

went to my favorite place in the neighborhood (@neighborhood services on henderson) for dinner wednesday nite with good friends – best bartender and custom cocktails ever.  I had “the amy” which was plymouth gin and this thatcher’s (made in michigan!) cucumber mixer and muddled cucumber.

ROF took me to lunch to our favorite place friday at noon that is very near my office – st. pete’s dancing marlin.  ROF knows pete pretty well and we love their food and decor.

lastly, as you follow me so excitedly through my week, is one of my favorite shots.  literally.  here is sweet, tiny melissa @matthewtully salon in dallas & ian who has been hairdressing my hairs for about 8 years now.  lil, sweet melissa was behind the desk opening boxes with a cute pink jack knife when i was checking out.  i teased her about her knife and asked if she was packing a pink pistol too.  funny, but no, her pistol is silver and has some bling.  i thought she was kidding until she took it out of her purse and unloaded it and posed here for me.  she said “if someone is following me in the parking garage I can ask them to stop or I can pull this out and ask them to stop.  this is more effective.” good for you, melissa.  cap someone’s arse.

One Response to “saturday: week in review”

  1. Joan Krause September 3, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    I love reading your blog everyday and, I love your creative pictures and, I love you. Mom

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